Bridgeport! by Rachel Owens

In January 2020 my solo show will open at the Housatonic Museum of Art featuring architectural and landscape casts from the area. Life on the Other Side of a Cracked Glass Ceiling returns with the cast of the front porch of the Mary Freeman house. Check them out here, Also will be doing some molds of the last bits of marshland that remain in the area, most of which was filled in and replaced with industry. Here are some pics from a recent research trip.

New Studio New Times! by Rachel Owens

Happy to report Im all moved into my new spot in South Brownsville, its almost Canarsie!  Leaving Sunset Park was a big move but me and Gracie love our new digs which are way more industrial and good for making sculpture.  Im sure the music producers next door to us at "Industry" City are thrilled as well....